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Golang can I have a package manager please?

Currently golang has no standard package manager; this in my view makes it a harder for those new to the language. golang has for the most part been a pleasure to use, built-in features are well thought out and help new users get started fast. Dependency management is by contrast a jarring and painful experience for those starting with golang. To understand why I believe this is the case I have put together a proposal of sorts for a package manager.

Configuring a simple IPv6 network

Recently I have been helping Andy Gelme with a project which uses contiki-os, and 6lowpan on a device called a MeshThing. This required us to setup a small IPv6 network from scratch, independent of the internet, this turned out to be quite a bit different an objective of most of the how to’s we found so I decided to document our method, as much for others as myself.

Getting a new node project started with npm

The aim of this guide is to get people getting started with Node.js and npm, while also showing some of the handy commands I use to bootstrap my projects.

Adding an ICSP header to the ATmega256RFR2

I am currently working on building a simple wireless sensor using the ATmega256RFR2 Xplained Pro Evaluation Kit. This kit includes a base board and a bunch of other peripherals to mess around with.

Heroku logging what I have Learned

Recently I started work for a new employer who runs has a number of applications hosted on Heroku, my typical strategy when faced with a new environment and systems is try and get some monitoring in place as soon as possible. I do this for a few reasons: