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Maven, where I start

More often than not today I start my Java projects using an Apache Maven archetype. Whether it be for an Apache CXF based web service, a simple web application or some sort of service most are started from an archetype.

However pretty much every project I need to add my secret project ingredients, this typically starts with a couple of key plug-ins: * maven-checkstyle-plugin – I really like to know when my code is a mess, even if it does annoy some people. * maven-license-plugin – Again I like stuff neat so getting everything tagged under a license is pretty important.

I have extracted a sample of my default configuration to illustrate how these plug-ins are configured in the pom.xml.

            <owner>Mark Wolfe</owner>

At a minimum that gets me up and running with plug-ins, next thing I like to tidy up is the header of the pom file. This typically starts by updating all the developer information setting my website URL and adding my details.

  <name>Mark Wolfe</name>
    <name>Mark Wolfe</name>
    <name>Apache 2</name>
    <comments>A business-friendly OSS license</comments>

So that pretty much completes my maven kick start configuration post, for more detailed example see my fxAssetman muck around project on github.

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