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Installing Ruby 2.0.0 with Dtrace Support

The aim of this post is to guide the reader through the process of installing ruby 2.0.0 into rbenv with dtrace probes enabled. As rbenv uses ruby-build, which currently downloads and compiles a copy of openssl rather than using the one homebrew i prefer to use the homebrew one.

Raspberry Pi Temperature and Humidity Project Construction

For some time I have had a Raspberry Pi languishing on my desk, like many I bought one early on and played around with it for a while and then got busy with other stuff. Recently however I have been looking into distributed sensor networks which led me to consider how I could use the Raspberry Pi to aid in my research. If I could get a number of these devices connected up together gathering some measurements of some sort, I could a) make some graphs, b) produce some useful test data and c) get some real world experience with sensor networks.

What is HMAC Authentication and why is it useful?

To start with a little background, then I will outline the options for authentication of HTTP based server APIs with a focus on HMAC and lastly I will provide some tips for developers building and using HMAC based authentication.

How I use chef-solo with ubuntu 12.04

Having recently started working with chef I have come up with a simple method of kickstarting use of it in the small end of town. This really is designed for those of use managing a large number of very similar servers, or a small number of simple servers.

Building Ruby Projects with Bundler and the Bamboo Ruby Plugin

The latest release of the Ruby plugin I develop for Atlassian Bamboo now includes some new configuration options for Bundler along with a number of other additions and improvements. In this post I want to focus on the new options available in the Bundler task, and illustrate how they are used to make Ruby builds simpler.