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Road Testing Gradle

For a while I have been tempted to stray from the relative safety of Maven and Ant. Every time I fight with these tools, or in the case of maven am stunned and amazed out how simple things can require so much xml, I look over the alternatives wondering if it could be easier.

Hacking rails on Ubuntu with rvm

Over the last few days I have been familiarising myself with some of the rails source code and surveying it for use in my own projects. In doing so I noticed there were quite a few gotchas getting Ubuntu and ruby set up RVM to successfully run the tests suites in rails. This post aims to provide a step by step guide to getting a clean ubuntu installation ready to test and hack on rails, note I am using Ubuntu 11.04 and this process has been tested on server and desktop.

GHTest Getting Started

Recently I have caught the OS X software development bug and started hacking on a small project in this environment. As I am normally pretty keen to try out new APIs and indeed a whole new language, I was keen to get some unit testing going as early as possible. After a bit of research i discovered the preferred testing solution for this environment was GHUnit, so I downloaded this “framework” and installed it.

RHOK Survival Guide

Last weekend I was fortunate to have participated in first ever random hacks of kindness event. This was quite an amazing experience and one I really enjoyed, however going into this event I had no idea what to expect, and no real insight into what to bring. So for the benefit of those looking to attend these awesome events in the future, firstly read About RHOK, secondly I compiled a list of my observations and tips.

Working with the html5boilerplate project

Recently I started work on a new site which I plan to use underscore.js and backbone.js. Starting a site from scratch can be quite a chore, as well as time consuming. To remedy this I decided to take the plunge and give the html5boilerplate project a try, this project is designed to kickstart your html5 site development with a shell containing all of the stuff that you need to begin with.