For some time now I have been working on internal, and some product related services which use AWS events, some of this has been paired with AppSync subscriptions, slack and AWS SNS. To help everyone come up to speed with events, and async messaging in general in a world of REST and synchronous APIs I have been compiling a list of links, which I thought I would share in a post.

To start out it is helpful to have an overview, this post and the associated talk Moving to event-driven architectures (SVS308-R1) are a good place to start.

Then for those that want to see some code, take a look at the analytics component in this project developed by the serverless team at AWS, there are tons of great infra examples in this project. Although the code is a bit complex there is a lot to garner even if your not a Java developer.

This project uses a great reusable component which takes a AWS DynamoDB stream and publishes it onto AWS Eventbridge, again if Java isn’t your language of choice there are still some gems in here, such as the logic used to retry submission of events to Eventbridge.

From the AWS Samples comes this project which is worth digging into, it has a bunch of simple examples with diagrams which are always a plus.

To enable some experimentation and development this CLI tool is pretty handy.

As I go I will add links and happy to take suggestions.

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