Mark Wolfe

I have spent the last two years working at Ninja Blocks, which is an IoT startup based in Sydney. When I started I was working on keeping the existing systems running, developing new deployment tools and tuning the existing platform, then early in 2014 I was asked to take over as CTO.

As CTO I worked with the team to build the Ninja Sphere, a consumer focused hardware device and cloud services which we launched on kickstarter in November 2013. This project took us ~14 months to build, going from design, firmware / hardware build through to manufacturing and finally shipping. This was one of the most challenging and rewarding projects I have ever worked on.

While at Ninja Blocks I to worked across a wide array of disciplines including hardware, software development and business operations. On the engineering side I primarily worked on:

  • Real time messaging from the devices to cloud services
  • API Development
  • Linux OS development working with drivers, software packaging, and building the firmware for an ARM based platform
  • Deployment of cloud services on AWS, Google Cloud with Chef, Ansible and Docker
  • Building microservices
  • Compliance testing and certification of hardware

Before Ninja Blocks I worked for 13 years as an architect and consultant at Hammond Street Developments which is a mid sized IT consulting company located out in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs. In this role I worked on a large array of projects / contracts within the education, telecommunications and the banking sectors. I got the opportunity to work all over Australia, and New Zealand on many varied and challenging projects.


As a part of the Melbourne Developer community I am one of the co-organisers of the Go meetup.

I have spoken at a couple of conferences:

And presented at Melbjs, and the Go, NodeJS, .NET, Microservices and docker meetups in Melbourne.

Most of my recent talks are listed at


Working at a startup, and previously as a consultant I have I have used a wide array of languages, tools and platforms, this is best illustrated by my GitHub Profile. More recently I have been focusing on:

  • Building software using:
    • Go
    • JavaScript
    • Bash
    • C
  • Working on Linux, more specifically:
    • Ubuntu and Snappy Core
    • Redhat Linux/Centos/AWS Linux
    • Yocto Linux
  • Working in Linux:
    • Packaging software for ubuntu and Redhat
    • Building kernels using SDKs provided by hardware vendors such as Texas Instruments and Atmel
    • Automating and building firmwares using Ubuntu, Snappy Core and the Yocto Project
  • Deploying software using:
    • Ansible
    • Chef
    • Docker
    • Google App Engine
    • AWS Elastic Beanstalk, mostly with Docker
  • Using a variety of Cloud services such as:
    • AWS
    • Google Cloud
    • Digital Ocean
    • Scaleway
  • Setting up continuous integration using:
    • Buildkite
    • Atlassian Bamboo
    • Jenkins
  • Working with various network and wireless protocols such as:
    • IPv4, IPv6 and 6LoWPAN
    • Bluetooth and Bluetooth Low Energy
    • Wifi

I am also an avid contributor to open source, with a keen interested in networking, authentication, distributed systems and databases. I also work on some embedded systems development at the Connected Community HackerSpace.

Outside of work I do a bit of cycling, fishing and I am currently learning Chinese in my spare time.

For a list of what I have worked on recently see


You can find me at:

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